When it comes to your equipment needs, you have two options: a nationwide box box equipment supplier or your local equipment yard, like JD Equipment. But which one is actually better? Let’s look at the difference.

Product Availability

With large retailers, you are stuck with the products that your retailer has in stock. If they don’t have them, well, too bad. This can become an issue when it comes to speciality jobs that require a very specific piece of equipment. What’s more, they operate on a first come, first serve basis. With your local dealer, you have the option of requesting that the dealer purchase the equipment for rent, or even the option of buying it directly through the dealer.

Product Quality

One major issue with large retailers is that they don’t have the resources to throughly inspect each and every piece of equipment beyond a basic once-over. This can lead to some disastrous consequences — for one person, they were operating a concrete saw that was not properly inspected and the blade came off during operation, resulting in a serious injury to the operator. With JD Equipment, we take the time to make sure that each piece of equipment that comes off the field is in perfect working operation before it goes out onto another job site.

Customer Service

Lastly, there’s the customer service aspect. With the large chain stores, you often don’t have a single point of contact at that company, rather, you’re dealing with whoever is on shift. With your local equipment supplier, you get to work with a small team of people who are dedicated to serving you and meeting each of your needs. What’s more, at JD Equipment we’ll work with you to recommend the best possible equipment for your next job.

So if you looking for personalized service to meet your every need at the job site, look no further than JD Equipment. Give us a call at 215-679-5958.