Screens for Rent

Screening Machines For All Types of Commercial Jobs

From rock and soil to ceramic, and even liquids/chemicals, find the screening machine you need for your next project here. We carry a variety of models to suit the size and speed needed for the job, and can help you select a trailer to carry it between sites as needed.

Vibroscreen SCM-40

  • Ideal for loaders measuring between 1 to 3 yards
  • Diesel engine: 33 HP
  • Approximatively weight of 12000 lbs
  • Loading height: 9’-11”
  • Width of the hopper: 9’-4”
  • Final capacity; bucket width: 9’-6”

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Vibroscreen SCM-27

  • Ideal for loaders measuring 1 yard and less
  • Diesel engine: 9.1 HP
  • Approximatively weight of 6300 pounds
  • Loading height: 8’-6”
  • Width of the hopper: 6’-11”
  • Final capacity; bucket width: 7’-0”

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