If you’ve been thinking of getting a skid steer for your next big project, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of articulated loaders as well. But what advantages do MultiOne articulated loaders have over traditional skid steers? There’s lots of reasons, but we’ve narrowed down five of our favorite for you here.


MultiOne articulated loaders have 400% more outreach than your typical skid steer. They also have a higher lift capacity and lift height that skid steers, meaning you don’t have to be nearly as concerned about tipping. This also allows for more flexibility on the job site and easier completion of more demanding jobs.


Skid steers are on average 10% heavier than articulated loaders. Not only does this mean that lawns won’t get compacted as much when using a MultiOne machine, but you also don’t need a large truck to tow the machine.

Tire Wear

Because of the articulated design on MultiOne machines, grass and dirt surfaces won’t tear while steering like they will on a skid steer, so you can work on job sites with the confidence that you won’t make a mess. What’s more, this puts less wear on your tires meaning they’ll last longer between replacements — and that translates into big cost savings for your business.

Fuel Consumption

Since fuel is one of the biggest operating costs for equipment operators, any chance to save fuel can cut down on costs in the long term. Because the MultiOne machines have smaller engines and higher maneuverability, this means that the engine isn’t pushed as often as it would on a skid steer. Plus, the less fuel that’s used means you spend less time refueling and more time working.


One of the biggest benefits of MultiOne equipment is the huge library of over 170 attachments built by MultiOne. They allow the machine to be useful for a wide range of applications — from dirt moving to snow removal — there’s an attachment for every job you can throw at it. Browse the attachments that we sell for it here!

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should use a MultiOne articulated loader for your next job. For most projects, it’s the best tool you can rent. And whether you’re looking to rent or buy, we can help you. Give us a call today at 215-679-5958 today!