Skid Steers &
Mini Skid Steers

Skid-Steer Loaders — Labor Saving Tools

Skid-steer loaders allow either side’s wheels to operate independently of the other side. That means serious maneuverability on job sites while still offering the carrying abilities of an excavator, albeit to a lesser degree given design. Skid-steer loaders are capable of zero point turning.

Another thing to be conscious of when considering a skid-steer loader is that the nature of how the machine turns can be hard on the surface on which you’re driving. Gravel and concrete are ideal.

We are authorized dealers of IHI/Kato and Thomas brands, as well as various construction and landscape equipment. See our selection of models for sale below:


  • 21 hp Yanmar Diesel engine
  • 2955 lbs. Operating Weight
  • 728 lbs. SAE Load Capacity
  • 1658 ft/lb. Bucket Breakout Force
  • Rubber Tires (23 – 8.50 x 12 )

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  • 82.2 hp Yanmar Diesel engine
  • 7718 lbs. Operating Weight
  • 2250 lbs. SAE Load Capacity
  • 6254 lbs. Bucket Digging Force
  • Rubber Tires (12 x 16.5)

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